Prasad Sponsorship


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Prasad Guidelines



Cleaning Guidelines



  • Prasad should be freshly cooked for Sunday.
  • Prasad must be cooked after opening time of the temple on Sunday and must be ready for offering by 11:45 AM.
  • Prepare Prasad for 450 to 500 people, for Special Events please contact the Prasad / Kitchen Committee.
  • Please do not use garlic or onion in the cooking.
  • Prasad should consist of the following items.
    1. Rice or Pulav - 35 to 40 lbs
    2. Vegetable with gravy –(Eg. Potatoes– 50 lbs, Daal - 25 lbs.) - No sugar
    3. Naan / Chapatti –- 500 Pieces
    4. Raita / Yogurt -– 6 Gallons
    5. Fruits or Dry Fruits
    6. Maha Prasad / Sweet (Any sweet eg - Payasam, Halwa, Kheer, or your choice)
  • Sponsors will be responsible for serving the Prasad, Cleaning the Kitchen Area and Dining Hall Tables & Chairs before & after the Prasad. Please follow Kitchen Cleaning Guidelines for the Sponsor.
  • Temple will provide water jugs and serving spoons. (Paper Plates, Spoons & Napkins will be provided at a cost for your convenience.)
  • Fill up the water jugs for each table & keep 6 glasses on each table.
  • Sponsor(s) may use Temple’s cooking utensils to cook Prasad on Sunday at the temple. For renting temple appliances, please check Prasad Sponsor Guidlines.
  • Frying is not allowed in the kitchen.
  • Have two Prasad serving stations on either side of the counter.
  • Kitchen and dining hall must be vacated by 2:00 PM