Temple Administration

Organizational Structure of the Temple


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The all governing bodies of the Temple consist of volunteers from the dues paying members. The Temple has its own constitution and by-laws which are applied to form various committees. The term for most committees is the calendar year.


The Temple has a board consisting of 15 trustees (12 elected and 3 appointed). The daily day to day activities and planning of the various religious and cultural activities and other administrative aspects are overseen by the Executive Committee. This committee consists of a President, President-elect, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Treasurer and Committee Co-ordinator. Members of the Executive Committee are appointed every year by the Board of Trustees from the voting membership. The Chairpersons of the standing committee are selected but the Executive Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees. Some of the standing committess are are: Religious Committee, Education Committee, Bal Bharati, Maintenance Committee, Membership Committee, Prasad Committee, Finance Committee and Chetana (the Temples official quarterly magazine). Most of these committees are formed for the calendar year and report to the Executive Committee.


The other standing Committees are Long Range Planning Committee and the Constitution and By-laws Committee, Audit Committee, Nominating and Election Committee. Chairs of these committees are appointed by the Board of Trustees. In addition, the Board and the Executive Committee may occasionally form certain ad-hoc special purpose committees with specific objectives in mind. These committees terminate as soon as the specific objective has been achieved.





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